X-Dent Box Dust Collector: A Protection to Dental Technicians and Dental Students


Nusima Mohamed
Haslinda Ramli


Following the frequent case of asthmatic and allergies from the dental laboratory technicians in Faculty of Dentistry, University Sains Islam Malaysia(USIM) has tried to find a solution to handle this problem. An air pollution index was taken in the dental laboratory of USIM and it revealed that the environment was polluted with small particle and dust generated from the trimming and polishing process of denture appliances. It showed that the dust pollution reading (PM10) was 0.262mg/m3 in the dental laboratory is higher than the Ashrae Standard 6.2 Indoor Air Quality Index (0.15mg/m3). The X-Dent Box, a dust collector box, was invented and used in the laboratory to help protect the dental technicians which has reduced the index reading to 0.096mg/m3 and reduced the noise level from 83dBA to 69dBA. The box has been proved to give better protection to the dental technicians thus reduced the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) as it reduced the IAQ index.