Improving Tertiary Institutions' Internally Generated Revenue through Business Partnerships with Private Sector Establishments: A Case Study of Selected Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria


Okonkwo Dyke A. R.
Ejiogu Stella I.
Osakpa D. U.


This paper investigated improving tertiary institutions' internally generated revenue through business partnerships with
private sector establishments in Nigeria. The objective of this paper was to ascertain if managers of tertiary institutions in
Nigeria were aware of and created business opportunities for improving the internally generated revenue of their
institutions. The population of the study consisted of 4,950 managers and senior staff of selected tertiary institutions out of
which a cluster sample of 400 was identified for data collection. A Likert's 4-point rating scale (Tertiary Institutions
Internally Generated Revenue Scale, TIIGRS) was constructed, validated and administered on the identified sample. A survey
design was adopted for the study. There was a review of materials on institutional entrepreneurship, business partnerships,
identification of business opportunities, internally generated revenue and tertiary institutions' capacity for setting up
industries to manufacture products based on their research results and technological innovations. Four research questions
and four null hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. Hypotheses were tested with the Chi-Square (x2) Test of
Independence and Cramer's v-statistic.