The Effectiveness of Hydroshooter (Needle Cover Syringe) In Reducing Dental Anxiety during Local Anaesthesia


Nor Azlina Ismail
Nusima Mohamed
Nurul Amirah Yusof
Nurul Hanisah Binti Mohd Fauzi
Nasadila Nadhira Binti Nasseri


Introduction Dental fear and anxiety are frequently associated with the use of needles and syringes for local anaesthesia due
to its appearance, especially in dentally anxious children. Aim & Objectives The aim of this study is to study the effectiveness of
Hydroshooter cover in reducing dental anxiety towards local anaesthesia injection. The objectives of this study are to assess
the dental anxiety of patient during local anaesthetic injection based on the patient's perspective and to compare the effect of
Hydroshooter cover and Conventional syringe in reducing dental anxiety during local anaesthesia injection. Methods This
study involved a sample of 4 to 12 years' old healthy patients that came for dental treatment using local anaesthetic at USIM
dental polyclinic. A questionnaire with Modified Child Dental Anxiety Scale (MCDAS) was designed to collect the data from
the patients. The questionnaires were filled in two different appointment; each for either local anaesthetic with Hydroshooter
cover or local anaesthetic with conventional method. Result. Data was available for 38 patients with a mean of age 8 years.
Overall, 70% of the patients were dentally anxious towards dental appointment and about 80% of the patients reported
feeling anxious about having an injection in the gum. For the conventional syringe, 88% of the patients scored 4 and 5 for
the local anaesthetic experience compared to only 15% of patients reported anxious to receive local anaesthetic with
Hydroshooter cover. Conclusion The Hydroshooter cover is effective in reducing the dental anxiety amongst patient
during the local anaesthesia injection. This is corresponding with the reduction of dental anxiety score for almost 50%
compared to the conventional syringe.