The Effects of Hydromethanolic Extracts of Uncoated and Coated Seeds of Garcinia Kola on the Sexual Behaviour of Male Wistar Rats


Dr. Chibuike Obiandu
Dr.Ologhaguo Macstephen Adienbo
Arthur Nwafor Chuemere


Male sexual dysfunctions which presents in various forms such as erectile dysfunction,premature ejaculation and orgasmic
disorders etc. are on the rise.As a result, various treatment options including medicinal plants are been investigated to
determine their aphrodisiac potentials. In this study,the extracts of the uncoated seed (pulp) and coated seed of Garcinia kola
were assessed for their aphrodisiac properties.Garcinia kola seeds in coated and uncoated forms were separately chopped
into smallerpieces,dried and then blended to fine powder.Extraction was done using hydromethanol (1:4) as solvent. Eight (8)
male rats were randomly assigned into five (5) groups. Group one 1 which served as control received distilled water. Group
two 2and group 3 received100mg/kg and 200mg/kg of the uncoated seed extracts while group 4 and group 5 received
100mg/kg and 200mg/kg of the coated seed extracts respectively.The extracts were orally administered daily for 30 and 60
Tests forsexual behavior were done by assessing the mounting latency(ML), mounting frequency(MF),intromission
latency(IL), intromission frequency(IF), ejaculation latency(EL), ejaculation frequency(EF) and post ejaculatory
Results obtained showed that precopulatory behaviors such as chasing,sniffing and nosing were increased in the test
males.The ML and IL were significantly reduced after30 and 60 daystreatment at higher doses (200mg/kg) of both
extractswhereas, the MF and IF were significantly increased in 30 days at higher doses of both extracts, while the IF was
significantly increased after 60 days at higher dose of the coated seed.The EL was also significantly increased at the higher
doses of both extracts while the PEI was significantly reduced at higher dose of the coated seed.
It was concluded that Garcinia kola seed extracts (uncoated and coated) could enhance sexual activity by improving sexual
arousability (libido), vigour and potency,as well as prolongation of coital period.However, the consumption of Garcinia kola
seed for long-term basis (60 days) for the purpose of sustaining sexual vigour in males may add no physiological value.