Communicative Strategies Used by Undergraduates in Spoken English


Caesar De Alwis
Abang Fhaeizdhyall
Norlida bte Nawawi


This case study investigated the difficulties when speaking in English among undergraduates at UiTM Sarawak. It identified the kinds of difficulties they faced when speaking English and strategies they employed to cope with these difficulties. A set of questionnaires was used to elicit information on their speaking skills, investigating the socio –cultural aspects of using English and speaking strategies used.  The survey which involved 110 respondents from various faculties at UiTM Sarawak adopted Rebecca Oxford's (1990) Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL). The findings revealed that there were a number of similar speaking problems faced by the respondents and there were some common strategies employed to ease communication. The reasons for such choice of strategies would also be discussed.


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