No Peace Ahead?: Biafra Chanters and the Nation on a Brink


Bello, Taiwo


This paper addresses the developments that led to the resurgence of Biafra struggle against Nigeria in 2015. This resurgence manifested through a group known as Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The mission and goal of this group is akin to that declared and propagated by the progenitors of this struggle in 1967which was hinged on the creation of Republic of Biafra Nigeria. Using reliable and pertinent sources, this paper examines the motivations for reemergence of Biafra's agitation against Nigeria. It argues that though achieving this goal by IPOB is unrealistic at the moment, the group deserves to be heard and granted access to referendum by Nigerian government as has been demonstrated in other democracies around the globe. The paper concludes that allowing every citizen access to ‘fair hearing' and ‘fair play' could help Nigeria in deepening its ‘one nation' agenda.


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