Personality Traits and their Effects on Social Entrepreneurship Intention


Muhammad Ovais Arshad
Cai Li


The research conducted on entrepreneurship, personality and also the intentions of people towards entrepreneurship has been a wide debated topic recently, each among world and among business circles. The aim of this study is to look at social entrepreneurship and personality among a theoretical context and to implement a field study regarding the topic. Within the field study; we've tried to achieve students of Business Administration in Islamabad city that area unit taking applied entrepreneurship categories so as to assess students' personality traits and of these students that show intention towards social entrepreneurship by finding out the relationships between personal characteristics and their intention towards social entrepreneurship. By examining the obtained info from personal characteristics and that aspects of social entrepreneurship they influence; we've tried to spot, students that have bound personal characteristics that area unit additional inclined to be candidates for social entrepreneurship that personal characteristics ought to be inspired among students that are candidates of social entrepreneurship so as for them to ascertain flourishing social enterprises and to come up with suggestions on that aspects of social entrepreneurship these candidate students should target.



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