Nexus of School Principals' Power Bases and Teachers' Job Satisfaction in Secondary Schools


Mengistu Amare Gebreegziabher


The aim of this study was to investigate the nexus between school principal power bases and teachers' job satisfaction in secondary schools of Wolaita Zone. A convergent mixed research method was used and a total of 167research participants were participated. Questionnaires and face to face interview were used to collect data. The descriptive result indicated that expert power (3.88) and work (5.04) were found to be the dominant power base and job satisfaction respectively. The correlation results also described that there is a positive link between school principals' legitimate, reward and information power and teachers' job satisfaction. The linear regression analysis result also revealed that legitimate power is the predictor variable of job satisfaction. Hence, from the results of the findings, one can conclude that teachers are more satisfied when school principals apply organizational power bases in secondary schools of Wolaita Zone.