Health Education For Adolescents - Teachers Opinion


Veena S. Algur


Approximately 80% of worlds children live in developing countries   ,their well being as adults depends  heavily on the education they receive. The developing country like India has to opt for education as one of the most important and useful tool to achieve National development. India adopted the National policy for children in Aug 1974,The policy declares, It shall be the policy of the state to provide adequate services to children both before &after birth& through the period of growth ,to ensure  their full physical, mental &social development and recognized children as the ‘Nations Supremely important asset' School education has been described as a "Social Vaccine” and it can serve as a powerful preventive tool. Teachers play vital role in the teaching set ups  As they play unique role in molding the personality of the students during their formative period of school life Which will intern effect the future generation in their overall   development. Introduction of Health education at this stage is very important attempt has been made to know the teachers opinion regarding the same.