Utilization Of Fly Ash And Pond Ash In Self Compacting Concrete


S. Swernalatha
K. Vidhya


Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) is a flowing concrete mixture that is able to consolidate under its own weight, without the need for vibration.  The highly fluid nature of SCC makes it ideal for placing in difficult conditions and in sections with congested reinforcement.  Mixture proportions for SCC differ from those of ordinary concrete, in that the former has more powder content and less coarse aggregate.  Supplementary cementitious materials such as fly ash, silica fume and blast furnace slag, pond ash are normally used as powders to enhance the technology of SCC.  In addition, SCC also incorporates chemical admixtures, such as HRWR (High Range Water Reducer), and VMA (Viscosity Modifying Agent).  Large amount of fly ash and pond ash is being generated in India annually and hence there is a strong need to use this byproduct from thermal power stations, in large proportions in concrete which is also makes the concrete as cost effective. A SCC mix was arrived based on available EFNAARC guide lines and using various mix combinations. An experimental study is made on the properties of SCC incorporating fly ash and pond ash.  Slump flow test, V-funnel test, L-box test were carried out to confirm the self-compact ability of concrete.  Compressive strength test, split tensile test, flexural strength test, youngs modulus test were carried out on SCC.  Experimental studies confirm that the mixes satisfy the requirement for SCC.