Various Ethno-Medicinal Plants Of Malwa Region Used In Stomach Ailments


Mamta Bhoj Baroniya
Navneet Kumar Shrivastava
Sanjay Singh Baroniya


An attempt has been made to compile the plants and their preparations used for cure of stomach related diseases with Ethnomedicinal backgrounds with the list of plants from Madhya Pradesh (central Malwa region) with stomach care potentials. The study of ethno-medicinal system and plants as therapeutic agents is an important aspect to cure serious health problems. Now-a-days natural products and herbal medicines have been recommended for the treatment of stomach related diseases. Currently available remedial options for non-allopathy-dependent stomach diseases, such as dietary modification, oral fibres have lot potentials to cure such disorders. The article include the various preparations which can safely used to cure stomach related diseases in the form of daily diet as plant potentials for future generations. Attempts are being done for awareness towards changing our diet system with potential input of Ethnomedicinal traditional knowledge to cure the occurrence of stomach related diseases.