Wavelet Based Medical MRI Compression Using ROI And Comparing RGB And Ycbcr Color Spaces


J.P. Agrawal
Ritu Vijay


Region Of Interest (ROI) coding is a feature provided by some modern image coding systems that allows to the compressor to assign higher priority to certain regions of the image (ROIs) over the rest of the image. After a preprocessing step remove the mean, select region of interest indvidualy in RGB, transform RGB to YCbCr color space, the DWT is applied and followed by bisection method include thresholding, the quantization, dequantization, the Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform (IDWT), YCbCr to RGB transform of mean recovering. To obtain the best PSNR, encoding algorithm is used for compressing the input medical image in to three matrices and forward to DWT block a coresponding (mí—n) vector containg the maximum possible run of zeros at its end. In the last step decoding algorithm is used to decompress the image using IDWT to get three matrices of medical image.