Secure Cryptosystem For Images Using Chaos Based Confusion And Diffusion Mechanism


S. Sandeep Kumar
Ramesh Nayak


with the fast development of computer technology and the information processing technology, the problem of information security is becoming more and more important. Information hiding is usually used to protect the important information from disclosing when it is transmitting over an insecure channel. Images are routinely used in diverse areas such as medical, military, science, entertainment, advertising, education as well as training. The typical structure of these schemes has the permutation and the diffusion stages performed alternatively. As a result, more overall rounds than necessary are required to achieve a certain level of security. In this paper, we suggest introducing certain diffusion effect in the confusion stage by cyclic shift and XOR operations. The purpose is to reduce the workload of the time consuming diffusion part so that fewer overall rounds and hence a shorter encryption time is needed. Apart from this, one more level of security is provided by using the recent AES algorithm for confusion and diffusion permutations.