Thorough Elimination Of Muri, Mura And Muda To Achieve Customer Satisfaction


Hanamant Rabakavi
H Ramakrishna
Sadashiva Baligar


In recent days, there is a huge competition between all the automobile industries, Supplying higher quality cars at more competitive price to much more people timely is big challenge for all the automobile industries. The study is carried out based on observations made at shop floor (Genba) of manufacturing department in a leading automotive manufacturing company. Due to percentage increase in the demand of output shaft (short/long) by 20% within a month, the company was not able to cop-up with the demand by the customer due to 3M concerns. The basic waste (MUDA) at workplace means any factor that does not contribute to the manufacturing process but only raise costs, the fluctuation (MURA) refers to the irregularities and fluctuations that happen temporarily in a production schedule and in the volume of parts and the overburden (MURI) means giving too heavy mental or physical burden to workers on production sites, for Machinery it also means giving excess workloads to equipment more than it is normally capable of. Thus the main emphasis of the study is on identifying and eliminating 3M's by performing time study, method study, motion study (Video Ethnography) to ensure safety, quality, productivity, cost, and HRD level up as well. Moreover, ergonomics study to reduce the fatigue at the machining line to improve workability, ultimately achieving customer delight by supplying 100% quality products.