A Correlational Of Personality Types And Performance Of The Teacher Trainers In The Teacher Training Programme


Paramjeet kour
Priyanka Sharma


A Study of Personality and Academic Performance among teacher trainers was undertaken to examine the unique contribution of personality traits (extrovert, ambivert and introvert) towards academic performance. To assess the relationship between personality type and academic performance of male and female teacher trainers, a sample of eighty students (40 males and 40 females) in the age group of 13-22 were selected from the district Jammu. The    personality type was assessed by using the Personality Test (Introversion –Extroversion) by Dr. Sharma, A. and Dr. Aggarwal, M.  (1974). To assess the performance level, the Performance scale/ observation schedule were used. The data collected was statistically analyzed using correlation to establish the relationship between personality types and performance of the students in teacher training programme. The findings of the study showed a significant relationship between personality type exhibited and performance of the students in teacher training programme.