Studies On Contamination Removal With Different Electronic Yarn Clearers


H. R. Shah
Madhuri V. Kakde


There are probably no processing stages within the value adding textile chain which to date have not been confronted with the issue of foreign matter contamination in cotton. In this respect ‘Electronic Quality Control' systems are the key to improve woven fabric quality, contributing significantly to the success of the textile products. From the concept of the necessary evil, today a winding machine with electronic yarn clearing has become something like a final yarn quality controller in the spinning department of a modern mill. In the present study an attempt has been made to find out the clearing efficiency of different electronic yarn clearers which are normally used in textile industry namely, Loepfe Zenit Yarn Master, Uster Quantum 2, and Uster Quantum 3 electronic yarn clearers irrespective of the color of the yarn and foreign matter. The clearing efficiency is normally assessed on the basis of number of contaminants detected by electronic yarn clearers out of total number of contaminants present.