A Mathematical Model For Toxic Waste In A River And Its Remediation By Freshening


D. V. Ramalinga Reddy
A.Sreenivasa Chari


We present a simple mathematical model for river pollution and examine the effect of freshening on the humiliation of toxin The model consists of a pair of coupled feedback diffusion advection equations for the toxin and dissolved oxygen concentrations, respectively. The coupling of these equations occurs because of reactions between oxygen and poison to produce harmless compounds. Here we consider the steady-state case in one spatial dimension. For simplified cases the model is solved logically We also present a numerical approach to the solution in the general case. The extension to the transient spatial model is relatively straight forward. The study is motivated by the crucial problem of water pollution in many countries and specifically within the The krishna River in India. For such real situations, simple models can provide decision support for planning limitations to be imposed on farming and city practices.