Development of a Robotic Ceiling Painting System Using Applic-37 Development Kit


Mohammed Kudu Omar


This paper describes the development of a ceiling painting robotic system that is programmed to carry out painting tasks Specifically, the paper explains my design and construction of a robotic frame, steering, ladder, slider, brush and paint compartment, using a computer program (c language) in conjunction with APPLIC 37 development kit (a microcontroller) as a means on control. Direct Current (DC) motors are responsible for the various actions of the ceiling painting robot. These actions include a linear (vertical) movement of the robot, an upward movement of the ladder, back and forth movement of the slider, and spinning of the brush. Simplicity and relatively low weight were considered in my design. Different modules constituting the robot have been separately tested, then integrated. Experiments have shown the successfulness of the robot in its intended tasks. Human climbers painting ceilings and other industrial towers have sustained various degrees of injuries over the years, with few recorded death cases. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the most dangerous thing a worker can do is climb a ladder. However, there is a huge element of safety with robot painting, and my results show that using c language and APPLIC 37 development kit allows for more robotic painting precision.