A Study on Bridge Pot Bearing by Using ANSYS


R. Divya
R. Sivagamasundari
G. Kumaran


A technical solution to the problem of unavoidable movements in bridge structures is the use of bridge bearings. Bridge bearings are small integral part of the entire bridge structures serving several purpose, such as connection, transfer of forces allowing movements force damping etc. Bridge bearings are important components of modern bridge system and plays a key role to attenuate the vehicular traffic loads on piers. Though many developments have taken place in design and materials technology, still it requires a better understanding with respect to experimental verifications of bearings and their knowledge for proper designing, manufacturing, detailing, installing and maintaining the bridge time to time. The elastomeric bearings are sensitive components and vulnerable to wear to tear and deterioration due to its function of movement. The result of bridge pot bearing by using ANSYS.