Security Model for Cloud Computing by using Data Classification Methodology


Pankaj Pali
Saurabh Sharma


In Cloud Computing data is stored in the remote server and user access their data from the server. As increasing years, users on the Cloud also rapidly increasing and more users are deploying their data on the cloud. So storing data in the trust of 3rd party is mainly focus on the privacy and security of Data. Data can be a financial transactions, personal documents or files, multimedia etc. in cloud security is still a major concern. So existing solution for the problem is classifying the data and provide encryption according to that. The proposed framework is classifying the data according to its sensitiveness and for different category of data this framework provides different authentication technique and according to the level of sensitiveness it also provide required protection scheme. As compared to other solutions for the problem of security to the data present on the Cloud, this framework is more secure as it provides different level of authentication also. The data present on the cloud is secure by two ways firstly by the Encryption which is basic element of providing security and secondly with Authentication scheme.