Development of C & I System for Operation of a Gasifier Plant


N. V. Srinivas


This paper presents the development of a C & I system for operation of gasifier plant using Metso hardware & Software. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been developed using BHEL in-house Metso ACN software engineering tools. The GUI together with operational / control logic will be used to collect various parameters of a gasifier plant such as temperatures, flow & pressure of inlet & outlet lines. Air receiver pressure, system pressure, fluidized air flow, transport air flow, steam flow, coal feeder speed, ash extractor speed are controlled through this C&I system. The collected data will be logged for future analysis and performance evaluation of gasifier plant. The GUI is designed keeping in view ease of operator interface. The GUI helps the operator to monitor both current and past data of plant at the same time. This helps in not only testing but also in analysis of the gasifier during normal operation and evaluation phase.