Textile Effluent Treatment Using Moringa Oleifera


Hemapriya G.
Abinaya R.
Dhinesh Kumar S.


The textile industry occupies a unique place in our country. During textile wet processing, a large volume of wastewater is released. Though various physico-chemical and biological treatment methods are employed for the removal of organic contaminants present in the textile wastewater, these methods lack in achieving effective treatment at lower cost. In this research work, the extract of Moringa oleifera seeds was used as a coagulant to treat raw textile waste water. The efficiency of Moringa oleifera seed extract towards turbidity and COD removal was studied at various pH and coagulant dosage. The results showed a higher efficiency in color, turbidity, and alkalinity and COD removal. Color removal was found to be pH independent. Further, cost analysis revealed that the Moringa oleifera seed extract is comparably better than commercially available color removing resin.