The Use of Computer-Based Tutorial to Augment Teaching and Learning of Computer Software Application: A Case Study of Rhinoceros 3d Software


Samuel Kwame
Noble Komla Dzegblor
John Cantius Lodonu


Computer-based tutorials is a new technology gaining grounds in the teaching and learning of computer software applications and has given birth to self-paced learning. Self-paced learning has taken a different turn in recent times as computer technology is advancing and the interaction possibility of computers and humans is becoming easier. This study seeks to use computer-based tutorials to teach and learn Rhinoceros 3D software computer application. Qualitative research method was employed to explain and describe the various steps involved in the development of the tutorials based on Rhinoceros 3D software application. The final product which is packaged on a CD-ROM was tested through the use of empirical research. Questionnaire were administered to the final year students of the Department of Integrated Rural Art and Industry, KNUST after a purposive sampling was used. The study discovered a type of computer-based tutorial known as interactive video tutorial can be effectively used to teach and learn Rhinoceros 3D software. The computer-based tutorial has come to stay and should be used to augment the traditional way of teaching and learning. 


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