Enhanced Oruta Mechanism for Verifying Shared Data Integrity with Data Freshness and Traceability over the Cloud Data


N. Deivanayaki
J. Amu Bebina


Cloud computing is an on-demand computing which enables the user to store and share the data over the internet. While sharing, the cloud data is subject to scrutiny due to the modification introduced by the several users. In order to verify the data integrity several public auditing mechanisms is proposed to examine and analyze the system. But these mechanisms are failing to preserve the identity privacy which points out the private and sensitive information to the public verifiers and also we cannot assure that the cloud possesses the latest version of the cloud data. In this paper, to solve the above privacy and data freshness issues an enhanced ring signature mechanism is proposed by accomplishing the traceability over the cloud data. This paper results demonstrate the cloud data storage with more trustworthiness and more privacy and more security.