A Study of Mobile Application Based on ARCS Design Strategy & Networking Principles for Interactive Learning


Dr. B. R. Prasad Babu
Sukesh H. A.
Deepika S.


Development of an interactive application with User Interface Design (UID) principles and requirements by utilizing mobile device as an instrument for Mobile learning purpose. Thus, methods for designing and developing an application for mobile devices that are compatible with small screen interfaces and limited capabilities of mobile devices are planned to ensure the learners are able to grasp the concepts .ARCS learning design strategy has been used which is appropriate for a mobile-based learning application and networking principles like network coding has been used to provide effective delivery of services. The interactive learning application has been developed on touch-screen iPad, operated on iPhone Operating System (iOS). UID principles and guidelines are used for designing and developing the application. Finally, Efficiency of UID has to be evaluated to test the usability of the developed application with six factors  like Consistency, Flexibility, Learnability, Minimal action, Minimal memory load, User guidance.