Women Entrepreneurship Development In Bangladesh Challenges And Prospects


Issa Ahammad
Syed Moudud-Ul- Huq


The study is exploratory in nature and attempts to disclose the major barriers and challenges towards women entrepreneurship development, major problems faced by women entrepreneurs in bangladesh. More women entrepreneurs are getting involved in economic activities of the country especially in the small scale of business and more or less they are playing a significant role to boost up our economy. Paucity of fund is one of the major problems along with lacking of knowledge, lacking of sufficient information are other mentionable problems. Besides, institutional support from different government and non-government institutions is required for development and growth of women entrepreneur. Moreover, legal and institutional guidelines are also highly required to make a trade-off between challenges and future prospects of women entrepreneur so that they can feel encourage creating new venture with new hope. To accomplish the objective of the study primary and secondary data were used. The study also suggests that both government and non-government institution have to come forward together for the development of women entrepreneurship in bangladesh.