A Study On Fuel Injection Pumps And Nozzle In A Diesel Locomotive In Diesel Loco Shed Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh India


B. Divya
Ch. Ramya
B. Bhavani Sai


India being developing country transportation is important aspect of it to be one of the developed countries in future. Thus a comfortable transportation is important for its growth. Trains contribute major transportation facilities among India in majority like transport of goods, raw materials, posts, couriers, services sometimes, and passengers to carry on their journey. These results in effective transportation with less capital to government and to people, which is only possible India's present young engineers. Locomotive being the major part of train to work the detailed study of locomotives is must these locomotives are of various types and various principles involve in them. This works only with external force in the form of fuel. Fuel is the important ingredient for locomotive to work. Hence the fuel managing systems are of the vital importance. These fuels are of various types including conventional and non conventional resources. The major fuel used in India is diesel. This particular paper throws light on the fuel injection pumps and nozzles in a diesel locomotive. This study enlightens various parts, functions, assembling, disassembling testing working of nozzles and pumps.

This project wouldn't have been successful if we haven't received help from the members of the Diesel Loco Shed Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh, India. We thank each and every member of it for making our mission successful.

We are grateful to Sri S.R. Sethi, Sr. Divisional Mechanical Engr., Sri G. Shankar Reddy- Asst Divisional Mechanical Engr., Mr. T.R.S. Babu Junior Engineer Cum Our Project Guide And All Staff Members Of Diesel Loco Shed (VSKP) for giving us the opportunity to educate ourselves on diesel locomotives.