Flying Hover Bike [Within 3 Lakhs] A Small Aerial Vehicle For Commercial Or Surveying Purposes


B.Madhan Kumar


This paper discusses the  modeling of a ducted-fan FLYING BIKE for defense surveying and spying purpose. It is a compact aerial vehicle with a ducted fan configuration which can able to survey and spy the surroundings and also a simple design is used for commercial purposes like a motor bike. It does not allows our soldier to direct interference of  unknown areas of danger. It can have a capacity of single or double seater system. It consists of a co-axial type propeller mounted on a hi speed brushless electric motor or for commercial purposes we can also use motor bike engines. It was powered by a rechargeable li-po fuel cells . Thrust vectoring can be done by a special design and techinique so that it can able to fly at almost in all directions. It is designed with a ducted fan so that the slip of air is less. Hence its aerodynamic efficiency is high. Moreover it can able to take off and land vertically from any terrain. It  doesnot need any runway. Overall the basic flying bike costs only 3 Lakh Rupee.