Integrating Traditional Textile Metaphors With Contemporary Design Concepts


Abraham Ekow Asmah
Charles Frimpong
Benjamin Asinyo


The study seeks to establish the fact that both the traditional designs (mostly drawn from symbols in Adinkra cloth and woven Kente)and contemporary concepts blend well aesthetically and metaphorically irrespective of the medium used in Ghanaian artistry. The study employed both the descriptive and experimental methods to produce a sample of such contemporary works to popularize this concept in the Ghanaian market. It explored the use of non-conventional materials (wood, metal oxides, and glass) integrated into a biscuit fired ware. The result of the study indicates that the new materials enhanced the texture and aesthetic qualities of the product produced but still maintained its metaphoric significance.Thisobviously means that other aesthetic concepts could be explored to inspire and educate producers as well as students to increase creativity. Discussions were based on theoretical, academic, religious, social, historical, cultural, philosophical and artistic contexts. The piece showed originality, contrast, harmony, multiplicity and stability, and as well captured the aesthetic energy inherent in ordinary materials. The research proved that the metaphorical significance of traditional symbols still have enormous import for contemporary concepts to improve the marketability of Ghanaian works of art.