Ethnomedicinal Plants Used By Tribals of Rayagadda District, Odisha State, India


S. B. Padal
J. Butchi Raju


Ethnobotanical study was carried out in the Rayagadda districts of Odisha during 2012-2013 to document the medicinal utility of plants. The present paper deals with traditional uses of 50 plant species   belonging to 41 genera and 27 families along with correct botanical identification, local names, parts used and mode of administration in respect to different diseases. The documented ethnomedicinal plants are mostly used to cure  Sciatica, Bone fracture, Asthma, Rheumatism, Hiccups, Galactogauge, Jaundice, Boils, Skin disease, Centipede bite, Wounds, Snake bite, Anthelmintic, Headache, Anemia,  Gonorrhea, Vigour and Vitality, Ear pain, Dysentery, Fertility, Chicken pox, Tooth decay, etc., are listed.