Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Voltage Control Using Fuzzy Logic Controller


M. Edwinlawrance
R.M. asiraja
Dr. V. Suresh Kumar


This  paper  presents  a  system  in  which  a  wind     Permanent  Magnet  Synchronous Generator   feeds  an  isolated  load through a Boost Converter. The output voltage and frequency of the PMSG is variable in nature due to non uniform wind velocities. The fluctuating output is rectified and  kept  constant  by  means  of  a  boost  converter.  A  fuzzy logic controller is designed to set the duty ratio of the boost converter  is  varied  to  maintain  a  constant  DC  output voltage. Also to choose the moment to charge/discharge the battery and the moment to dissipate excess energy in a resistance.This converter output is converted to three phase ac using a three  phase  PWM  inverter,  which  employs  hysteresis current control to control the output voltage  The power converters together   with   independent   control   systems   can   effectively improve  the  output  voltage  and  frequency  of  the  wind  PMSG  feeding an isolated load. The model has been demonstrated using MATLAB Simulink based simulations.