Design And Implementation Unit Electronic Gesture Recognition Using The Accelerometer To Control The Robotic Arm Developed With Cortex-M3 Core


Veeramreddy Venkata Gopala Reddy
K. S. Roy
K. Pavan Kumar


Mechatronics is one of the promising trends in the era of computing in industry automation and control system today. The proposed project is one such attempt to design an accelerometer-based system to communicate with an industrial robotic arm wirelessly. This project involves the design and implementation of robotic arm driven based LPC1768 Cortex-M3 core. The core has to be interfaced with DC motors robotic arm to control the movements of the robotic arm. ADXL335 accelerometer is a three-dimensional sensor used for this purpose, the accelerometer sensor of gesture capture human forearm and produces three analog output voltages on three dimensional axes. And two flexion sensors are used to control the movement of grip. For the different movements of the accelerometer and flex sensors are sent to the corresponding characters Cortex-M3 core wirelessly using 2.4GHz RF module. And depending on the character received robotic arm can be controlled in static or dynamic mode through communication with the EEPROM using the I2C protocol