Effect Of Pesticides And Fertilizers On Development Of Root Of Onion Allium Cepa (Linn.)


S.V. Chaudhari
Priyanka S. Chaudhari


The pesticides like Methyl Parathion (2 %W.P.) and Rogar -Dimethoate 30% E.C. and fertilizers like Urea (46% N) and Vermiwash at concentrations 25, 50, 75 and 100% were selected. These were tested for their effects on onion root tips. The onion root tip technique provides a rapid method for making preliminary tests for suspected agents. The vegetative propagation was fast in concentrations of vermiwash than control and urea solutions. Rapid cell division in terms of growth observed in vermiwash and there was no chromosomal aberration found. Retarded vegetative growth and chromosomal aberration noticed at anaphase in these pesticides. The chromosome aberration consisted of acentric fragments and dicentric bridges.