Reserved Bandwidth For Gateway Relocation To Improve The QoS In Mobile WiMAX Network


D. Nishanthi
J. Nalini


The WiMAX Forum supports various scheduling algorithms to identify and classify the heterogeneous traffics. But the scheduling algorithm alone will not achieve the better quality of service in Mobile WiMAX IEEE 802.16e. The call admission control plays an important role especially when combined with scheduling service, as they are intended to manage and guarantee the QoS requirements. Hence we are proposing the Gateway Relocation Call Admission Control (GRAC) algorithm, it just accepts or rejects the Mobile Stations and Priority based scheduling algorithm differentiates the mobile stations with good channel conditions from  poor channel conditions, and to differentiate real-time traffics with the non-real-time traffics. For this reason, the network delay reduced while the throughput of a network can be improved compare to implementing one of them alone. In addition, our algorithm implementation also keeps fairness in mind, which diminishes the starvation of non-real-time traffics. Simulation result shows the increase the network performance in terms of throughput; maintain the long-term fairness, and low packet dropping and blocking ratios of real-time traffics.