Investigation On Cold – Formed Steel Lipped I-Beam With Trapezoidal Corrugation In Web By Varying Depth


G. Arunkumar
P. Sampathkumar
S. Sukumar


The effect of web corrugation and hw/tw ratio on the flexural strength of cold formed steel (CFS) lipped I section is presented in this paper. Totally five specimens were experimented one with flat web and the remaining with trapezoidal corrugation in web. The length of the specimen is kept constant for 3600 mm and hw/tw ratio is varied from 333.33 to 583.33 keeping all other parameters constant. All specimens are experimented under two point loading with simply supported condition. The experimental results are verified with finite element analysis using ANSYS software. Experimental and numerical results are compared with the predicted resistance by North American Specifications (AISI S100-2007) and Australian/Newzealand Standards (AS/NZS: 4600-2005). The experimental result shows that the flexural capacity of the corrugated web is larger than flat web. Within the parametric study the effect of hw/tw ratio on the flexural strength capacity is discussed and presented.