Effect Of Main Steam Temperature At Inlet On Turbine Shaft Vibration


Rajeev Rajora
Harsh Kumar Dixit


Now our country India is becoming emerging power on world map. To improve lifestyle of middle class as well as to make sufficient growth in GDP we should ensure availability of sufficient power generation to fulfill our requirements. As we all know that for maintenance purpose there is large amount of loss of power taking place due to shutdowns and breakdowns. The new generation of condition monitoring and diagnostics system plays an important role in efficient functioning of power plants. Most rotating machine defects can be detected by such a system much before a dangerous situation occurs. It allows the efficient use of stationary on-line continuous monitoring system for condition monitoring and diagnostics as well. Vibration monitoring for condition monitoring of turbine shaft can reduce expenses of maintenance of turbo generator of power plants as well as prevent unnecessary shutdown of plant, which create power crisis. Condition monitoring can be mainly performed by vibration measurement and signal analysis but now days as life going faster and faster we cannot afford loss of time and also we want more accuracy in measurement system to ensure continuous running of our plants without taking any shut down. To ensure that we can perform condition monitoring properly, sensors and user interactive programs helps them for continuous monitoring of each and every parameter at a time. They can monitor each and every parameter with help of those systems known as turbine supervisory instruments (T.S.I). There is lot of research going on this topic. Turbo visionary parameters are also very important part of health diagnosis system of turbo generator. Particularly lube oil temperature is very important parameter to monitor because they have much influence on turbine shaft vibration and also governing systems are available for change values of those parameters.  Now a days real time monitoring reduces breakdowns to a large extent. We can conduct it with help of sensors and analyzers with software. T.S.I includes various velocity transducers, accelerometers and LVDT's with suitable automation and software for proper human interaction. By the help of real time monitoring we can assure continuous power supply without any catastrophic failure.  The object of this paper is to identify influence of main steam temperature at inlet on turbine shaft vibration at turbo generator at unit-6 (195 MW), Kota super thermal power station by measuring vibration amplitude and analyzing problem with help of Matlab.