Comparative Analysis Of Tractor's Trolley Axle By Analytical Method (By Considering Change In Material And Change In Existing Shape And Size)


Manish S. Lande


In the present market scenario, cost reduction technique is playing signified role to meet the competition in the market. Weight reduction and simplicity in design are application of industrial engineering etc., the sources of the technique which are used. Various components or products used in rural areas are mostly manufactured in small scale industries such as farming machinery, thrashers, tractor trolleys etc. It has been observed that these rural products are not properly designed. These products are manufactured as per need, by trial and error methods of manufacturing. Big industrial sectors have not yet entered in manufacturing of these products; hence no significant development in design of rural product has been done so far. In Present work theoretical analysis approach is used to make a safer working condition of trolley axle as well as for stress concentration, weight and cost reduction of existing trolley axle.