Epidemiology Of Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer In India- A Review Study


Choudhary Manisha


Coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke and cancer are the three leading causes of death worldwide. These three disorders are major epidemic in India and one of the major causes of disease-burden and deaths. Mortality data from the Registrar General of India shows that cardiovascular diseases are a major cause of death in India now, along with cancer. In India, the growing incidence of these disorders is not yet seen as a public health challenge which has resulted in the absence of a strong policy targeting them. Clinical trials are increasingly common in India, but clinical registries that document the current state of these disorders in India are lacking. In conclusion, there is an urgent need to have an updated review of the incidence, prevalence and mortality rate of these disorders in India so that a practical and accurate estimation of these epidemics is known to develop appropriates strategies for their prevention and control. An urgent and sincere bureaucratic, political, and social will to initiate steps in this direction is required.