A Comparitive Survey Of Various Segmentation Techniques


Silky Narang
Madan Lal
Navdeep Kanwal


Segmentation or the delineation of object boundaries in medical images remains a necessary step to obtain qualitative and quantitative measurements. Among these images, Ultrasound images plays a crucial role because the acquisition of these images is non invasive, cheap and does not require ionizing radiations compared to other medical imaging techniques. Due to acoustic interferences and artifacts, the automatic segmentation of anatomical structures in ultrasound imagery becomes a real challenge. Thus, to enhance the capabilities of ultrasound as a qualitative tool in clinical medicine, here we discuss the ultrasound image segmentation methods, focusing on techniques developed for medical. First, we discuss the formation of ultrasound images and conventional methods of image segmentation. After that we present the formulated methods for ultrasound image segmentation concerning the three largest areas of ultrasound imaging. Next section explains the validation degree that has been done in different application areas of ultrasound. In last section we conclude by referencing some papers which have introduced original ideas that exhibited particular usefulness in clinical domain specific to the ultrasound segmentation problem.