Wireless Identification Of RFID, Fingerprint & IRIS


Geetha Hanumanthu
Dilip Chandra E


Automatic identification technology becomes a urgent need of production and life, authentication technology gained worldwide attention because of its high reliability, fingerprint identification technology which applied to social security system can accurately determine protects a person's identity and prevent the phenomenon of the pension of falsely claim that solves this one long-term puzzling problem. Based on the preeminent fingerprint identification algorithm is improved, and combining with actual demand the improved algorithm, Using the fingerprint identification and IC card combination way realization of  distributed fingerprint authentication system collection. Through the practical efficiency test analysis proves the whole system is feasible, and the running effect is good by practical application. This paper proposes an approach for network security by means of biometrics. As we all know biometric systems are generally used to control access to physical assets (laboratories, buildings, cash from ATMs, etc.) or logical information such as personal computer accounts, secure electronic documents etc., The human biometrics such as hand geometry, face, fingerprint, retina, iris, DNA, signature and voice can be effectively used to ensure the network security.