Computer Aided Analysis and Design Of Hoisting Mechanism Of An EOT Crane


Shyam Lal Sharma
Tasmeem Ahmad Khan
Md. Parvez
Kamlesh Kumari


In this project an overall design the hoists generally confirm to IS: 3177 of the hoisting mechanism of an EOT crane has been carried out. The dimensions of the main components have been determined for a load capacity of 50 ton crane having 8 rope falls. Various dimensions for cross sections of various shapes for crane have been found. After the system was designed, the stress and deflection are calculated at critical points using ANSYS and optimized. Which cross section would be better keeping some parameters constant for all the case .Various dimensions and load per wire for wire ropes has been found.

 Using various formulae found the dimensions for pulley, Rope-drum.

Also calculated the Power and ratings for the motor brakes used in the hoist mechanism.