Farmer's Suicides: A Case Study Of Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh


Pathim Venu


The farmers committed suicides in Andhra Pradesh due to the failure of  monsoons leading to a series of droughts, lack of remunerative prices, exploitation by middlemen, rise in fertilizer prices, rise in labour  cash, escalation in put etc   lead to a series of suicides. The occurrence of suicides in states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Punjab was severe. In Nellore district, the southern most coastal district of Andhra Pradesh the suicides took place after 1980.   The crime rate with mere 6.3 in 1980 and steeply increased to approximately two folds to 11.2 in 2011.  It is thought provoking to note that the crime rate is abnormally increasing. The number of suicides in Andhra Pradesh is highest that is 2666 in 2004 and lowest  is  1097 in 1997.