Security Issues In Cloud Computing And Associated Mitigation Techniques


Paras Yadav
Purnendu Mishra
Tarun Sharma
Vishal Sharma


Cloud computing is a new computational paradigm that offers an innovative business model fororganizations to adopt IT without upfront investment. It promises to provide a flexible IT architecture, accessible through internet from lightweight portable devices. This would allow multi-fold increase in the capacity and capabilities of the existing and new software.  In a cloud computing environment, the entire data resides over a set of networked resources, enabling the data to be accessed through virtual machines. Despite the potential gains achieved from the cloud computing, the model security is still questionable which impacts the cloud model adoption.The security problem becomes more complicated under the cloud model as new dimensions have entered into the problem scope related to the model architecture, multi-tenancy, elasticity, and layers dependency stack.  In this paper, we discussed security issues for cloud computing. We investigated the problem from the cloud architecture perspective, the cloud offered characteristics perspective, the cloud stakeholders' perspective, and the cloud service delivery and deployment model models perspective. Based on this analysis, weelaborate the numerous unresolved issues threatening the cloud computing adoption and diffusion affecting the various stake-holders associated with it.