Intellectual Automobiles Using Embedded Systems


M. Sibiram
V. Balaji
K. Sathishkumar
P. Vignesh


The widespread use of electronic equipments and their integration into the vehicular system have become a necessity in the automobile industry. Automation of vehicles are being carried out with the help of Embedded Systems. In our project, we have proposed and completed four objectives in automotives. The automobiles basically includes wagon under wheels which helps in transportation, locomotion, etc., and reducing human efforts. Existing luxury vehicles have certain disadvantages considering the tyre pressure, accurate quantity of fuels, alternator in which the internal component damage will not be notified and finally a battery notification which will not come with a backup battery. Hence our project idea is to set separate detecting digital meters and controlling equipments for all above said problems inside automobiles itself. This will improve the reliability of the machines used and also avoids accidents, at the end consumer level.