Nikhil Goel
Nipun Sharma
Mohit kumar


Holography is the technique of forming 3 dimensional images by use of lasers, based on the phenomenon of interference and diffraction of light. The British Physicist Dennis Gabor first invented holographic method in year 1971. From then until now many scientist and theoretical physicists have introduced many holography methods each one proving better then the other. In this paper we are trying to study the methods of producing holographic images and using that concept in designing a holographic security system. In this research we shall also study about the use of laser and its use in producing the holographic images. For a better understanding of the concept of  holography we need to understand interference and diffraction. We will try to explore more holography applications as once Elbert Einstein said- "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it? "  Therefore our main focus is that all the concepts are easy to understand from the perspective of beginners as well as the masters of this field.