Theories, Techniques and Factors Affecting to Motivation for English Language Teaching


Vanraj Parmar


English language is known as an international language. It is spoken in the whole world as a communicative language. It is useful in establishing international relations with different countries of the world. It is important from educational point of view as English is a direct source of acquiring knowledge of modern arts, science and technology. In the words of Dr. Radhakrishnan,

"English is the wonton assassination of a valuable source of world culture.”

Therefore, the importance of motivation in our schools teaching-learning process is very necessary. Different psychologists have emphasised different aspects of motivation. They have developed several theories of motivation to explain and understand the nature of motivation, namely as,

  • Kurt Lewin's Theory of Motivation
  • Mc Dcugal's Instincts Theory of Motivation
  • Mc Clelland's Theory of Achievement Motivation
  • Maslow's Theory of Motivation
  • The Hygiene Theory of Motivation by Fredrick Herz-berg
  • Maslow has classified the motivation into three categories :

(1)       External Motivation 

(2)       Internal Motivation and

(3)       Internal-external Motivation

Techniques of motivation is also based on this classification for English language learning. Like, 

Ÿ   Reward and punishment

Ÿ   Praise and reproof

Ÿ   Success and Failure

Ÿ   Competition and Cooperation

Ÿ   Knowledge of result of progress

Ÿ   Novelty

Ÿ   Level of aspiration

            The major function of motivation for English language learning is to control and regulate behaviour of the students of English. The teaching-learning activities of English are oriented towards learning of objective by the use of appropriate techniques of motivation for English students. There techniques facilitate the learning conditions and help in achieving the learning objectives of English. The learning objectives like knowledge understanding and application can be used as criteria for selecting the appropriate techniques of motivation for English students.

The factor which are affects to Motivation for English language learning students are namely as, maturation and Motivation, purposive striving goals and ideas, knowledge of results on Motivation, law of effect, punishment negative, positive rewards, praise and blame, working for self (rivalry, competition) versus working for the group, participation through participation, interest, audio-visual aids, enlisting the total personality.