A Study About Assessment On Competency Of Employees (Gap Analysis) In Pharamceutical Industry In Chennai


S. V. Sreedevi


This study focus on "Assessment on Competency of employees in Pharmaceutical industry in Chennai”A study was carried out with a view of measuring the competency level of employees in the pharma sector. It gives a brief description of the employee‘s competencies attributes, interdepartmental competencies and suggestions given to enhance their competency level. The major idea is to find out the existing competency level of the employees. The competency assessment focuses on six behavioural segments namely, Action Oriented, Adaptability, Building Trust, Client Focus, Innovation, Quality Orientation,Samples of 100 employees were selectedfrom a population using convenient sampling method. The data were analyzed and interpreted using the statistical tools namely Chi-Square Test. The study has revealed that the competency level of employees from the actual and the standard competency is analyzed and the means to rectify the Gap are suggested.