Implementation Of Single Data Rate Module In ONFI


L. Chethan
P. Rajeswari
S. Y. Praveen


Huge amount of Data is generated by Different Modules by different Processes  ,as a requirement of operation  data or information has to sent from one module to another module which are usually dissimilar ,this can be achieved with a help of interface between two modules .

The Interface plays an important role in transferring a data between the host (Memory controller) and the device (Memory Unit). Different Devices have Different Interfaces and for NAND Flash ONFI is standard interface which helps in transferring the data between the host (Controller) and the device (Card) in a most accurate way and at higher speed than compared to any other interfaces. ONFI provides three most efficient way of data transferring methods i.e., Single Data rate (SDR),NV-Double Data Rate (NV-DDR), NV-Double Data Rate -2 (NV-DDR2).