Enriching the Competency Skills and Knowledge of Semi-skilled Garment Producers in Ghana (A Case Study of Selected Semi-skilled Garment Producers within Cape Coasts Polytechnic Community and its Environs)


G. D. Sarpong
E. K. Howard
O. Ntiri


This paper examines the competency skills and challenges facing semi-skilled garment producers within Cape Coast Polytechnic community and its environs. Based upon the findings, an action oriented outreach programme was designed which servesas an engine to guide and propel them in improving upon their knowledge and skills in design and construction of garments that meet the required standards. The outreach programme highlights the effective use of design elements and principles in garment construction. The case study method of the qualitative research was employed with interview and observation as the main instrumentation for data collection. A sample size of thirty was randomly selected from the parent population which comprises five garment producers from C' Poly, Nanaba, Ayifua, Ebubonko, Abura and Kakomdo. The findingsrevealed that, garment producers within the study area have inadequate knowledge and competency skills for garment production to satisfy the clothing needs of consumers of the area who are predominantly students and are fashion conscious. The study therefore recommends a competency-base outreach programme as one of the surest ways to help improve their skills in garment production. A model of the developed outreach programmeis attached to help respondents in this regard.