Teaching of Fashion and Textiles Studies in Ghanaian Tertiary Institutions


G. D. Sarpong
E. K. Howard
A. Amankwah


One of the expectations of Graduates of Fashion and Textile Studies Education in the tertiary institutions in Ghana is to enter into gainful employment with the carrier and technical training they have acquired. Lecturers' effectiveness with regards to the teaching and learning processes in tertiary institutions offering this programme is very vital. This paper therefore sought to evaluate the teaching of Fashion and Textiles Studies programme at the tertiary level and find feasible strategies that can be added to the existing strategies as complementary for the improvement of lecturers' effectiveness. The study employed the qualitative research approach and made use of observation and interview as the main research instruments for data collection. The sampling frame composed of Fashion and Textile Studies lecturers and students in Ashanti, Central and Western regions of Ghana. The study revealed among other things that, lecturers use lecture, demonstration, practical and field trips as the main method for teaching, and in order to facilitate and influence learning in students they support teaching activities with instructional materials, exercises, quizzes, test, and assignments. Other instructional techniques that the study found to be very effective, like, role play, contract plan and team teaching have been suggested and their effectiveness in teaching and learning have been discussed to draw conclusions and recommendations.